It is very hard to manage marriage ceremonies and its accessories but this guide will help you to organize and manage all the Pakistani wedding accessories properly. Weddings require multiple arrangements to fulfill the cultural and traditional needs. A Pakistani wedding is also very unique and it requires three to four days for completion and celebration. It is also difficult to manage the wedding accessories because you have to take care of multiple things at the same time to run the function well.

In Islamic culture families of bride and groom communicate with each other before doing any commitment. In some cases, families do not involve but two adult peoples are compulsory as the witness of that mutual agreement. In traditional marriages males or females or both consult with their parents and share their desires. In Pakistan, there are two types of traditional marriages. One is considered as arranged in which parents of both sides find a quality person to make a nice pair. The other type is known as love marriage in which couple somehow already knows each other and their mutual understanding convinces them to become a life partner. The approval of parents has its own importance in both types of marriages.

So let’s suppose that two families, the bride, and groom have talked and willing to do the marriage. Now how to proceed for a marriage ceremony?

Requirements of Marriage Ceremony

Normally, weddings in Pakistan require three to four days to complete all steps. Those days have their unique names:

  • Nikah (Marriage Contract)
  • Wedding Mehndi (Haldi ceremony)
  • Baraat Ceremony
  • Walima Ceremony (Alwalam)

Proper and organized management of wedding accessories is very essential to avoid the failure of whole celebration. We have collected beneficial information through experimental data about all arrangements and costs of Pakistani wedding accessories.

Arrangements of Pakistani Wedding Accessories

1- Nikah Arrangements

Nikah is the basic and fundamental requirement of a marriage. A bride, a groom, their parents and friends can participate in this event. It is an Islamic traditional marriage ceremony. The main components of Nikah are:

Nikah is the basic and fundamental requirement of a marriage. A bride, a groom, their parents and friends can participate in this event. It is an Islamic traditional marriage ceremony. The main components of Nikah are:

  • Willing couple (Bride & Groom or Dulha & Dulhan)
  • Two Witnesses
  • Mahr or Gift (Groom Gives to the Bride)
  • Islamic Scholars or Imam or Moulvi (Optional)

Basically nikah is a mutual agreement in between one male and one female to get married. It is a right of spouses to talk with each other before making any legal commitment.

nikah pen - Pakistani Wedding Accessories

Two witnesses are compulsory according to Islamic laws (Sharia).

Mosque is a best place to perform the nikah but you can use houses, mosques and marriage halls too as per the situation. Some imams do not start the process without parents of the wedding couple so you should communicate with the relevant scholar earlier at the exact day.

You can find a local scholar in your living area and pay them their desired fee to conduct the nikah.

Groom can also recite the verses of Holy Quran and complete the process of nikah but consult with professional scholar to avoid any mistake.

Groom has to give a mahr to his spouse before entering into marriage. Mahr al-musamma (specified mahr) and mahr al-mithl (standard mahr) are two types of mahr or Islamic gift. For more details you should consult with experienced imams.

Husband can give an amount, property or any tangible thing. Wife or her parents can demand as per the circumstances but it is recommended to finalize the mahr earlier as per the Islamic rules and regulations to get the peace and prosperity.

After reciting the Holy Qurani sentences and mutual agreement of mahr bride and groom say and repeat the acceptance words three times then write their signatures on the legal letter. It is the time to get congratulations from every guest!

Nikah Bridal Accessories

Nikah Bridal Accessories

nikah dresses - pakistani wedding acccessories

Nikah Groom Accessories

Nikah Groom Accessories

Nikah Groom Accessories

After signing and asking about the acceptance from both the groom and bride local civil authorities offer an official marriage license which makes your marriage a legal agreement.

According to Islam husband is authorized to take her bride to his home after the nikah and he can arrange a walima ceremony after one or more days. But in this advance time people celebrate mehndi and Baraat occasions after nikah. Mostly nikah has finalized during the Baraat ceremony but in some cases nikah is organized earlier than other functions.

2- Arrangements of Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi is a ceremony in which families, friends and relatives can participate. It is the most stunning and enjoyable event of the Indian and Pakistani weddings. Almost, everyone person enjoys such occasions either we talk about kids to teen agers or adults to elders.

The Pakistani mehndi accessories, dresses and setup are very unique from the whole wedding. Brides and groom use special fancy suites. Both Families and all guests also wear bright, attractive and colorful dresses in mehndi.

Although mehndi function contains only few hours but it requires a lot of preparation. People can organize mehndi events in their house or halls as per their guest and budget.

Bridal Mehndi Accessories and Arrangements

We are listing common Pakistani bridal mehndi accessories here:

1- Mehndi Stage Decoration with Flowers: Friends and family individuals or professional event organizers take responsibility to manage and decorate the mehndi stage and room or hall with red, yellow and white flowers, furnished furniture, carpets, lights and special items.

Mehndi Stage Decoration with Flowers

2- Mehndi Dance Floor: Traditional and tappay mehndi songs increase the entertainment of that special night. Pakistani mehndi is incomplete without the mehndi bhangra dance. So it is very important to arrange the proper space.

3- Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Designs: Mehndi designs have a very significant importance in the Pakistani wedding. Pinterest is a very popular platform to find the latest mehndi designs. Stylesgap has also shared amazing mehndi styles.

pakistani mehndi designs

4- Mehndi Music Arrangement: Music has the power to increase the energy in mehndi occasion. You should bring proper sound system and play the  traditional and other trendy wedding songs.

5- Mehndi Dholki: It is also very useful to celebrate the mehndi night. In Pakistan families invite neighbors and relatives for singing songs and dholki beats earlier than the exact mehndi day. The dholak is a folk instrument which can produce a very unique type of sound frequencies which are very famous in weeding.

6- Flower Jewellery Set: Flower is the sign of love and beauty. These are also spreading their fragrances in all wedding days, especially on mehndi avenues. Handmade artificial flower jewellery for mehndi is a very common bridal accessory. Friends of bride make this floral jewellery for her.

Flower Jewellery Set

7- Mehndi Thailis with Candles: Mehndi thali is a special kind a plat used to serve the mehndi, haldi upton, oil, and candles. The number of these plates depends on the number of girls in that mehndi but a special large plate is organized for the leading girl. A sister of close friend of a bride can lead the mehndi walk from one point to the menhdi stage.

8- Colorful Mehndi Dupatta: A colorful dupptta has been used in Pakistani weddings for the special entrance of bride from her room to the mehndi stage. This beautiful walk represents the love and protection of her family and friends.

9- Mehndi Dandiya Sticks: Metal or wood can be used to make these sticks. Friends of bride cover sticks with the multicolor fabrics. These sticks are using in weddings while dancing to produce a special kind a sound. These sticks make dance steps more entertaining and attractive.

Arrangements of Mehndi Ceremony

10- Plates for Flower: Hosts fall flower petals on the guests to give them a warm welcome on the wedding party. Silver or disposable plates are using to take the flowers.

11- Mithai or Traditional Sweets: Sweet is another sign to celebrate the happiness and good memories with others. So hosts bring dasi mithai or sweets or chocolates for the guests. Those guests also bring sweets and flower buffet to represent their relation joint.

12- Bridal Mehndi Dress: Mostly, Pakistani brides wear yellow and green dresses for mehndi function but now interests and demands has changed. The patterns of different styles and colors have been changing day by day to increase the beauty and charm. Pakistani fashion designers are qualified and fully skilled to analyze the diversity and demands of latest fashion trends, environment and brides etc. The different types of bridal mehndi dresses are:

  • Designer lehenga
  • Multi-hued lehenga
  • Simple uni-coloured shiny dress
  • Gharara
  • Sharara
  • Peplum
  • Angrakha                               

13- Bridal Khussa: A bride chooses traditional khussa as per the latest trend and fashion. The golden color can match with almost all mehndi dresses but bride can also use custom design option to match her khussa with dress. Always use good quality and soft material for your special mehndi night.

14- Mehndi Food: The organizers should also create a team to manage the food. People cook special and delicious foods on mehndi nights to make their guest happy. These dishes are very famous for the function of mehndi:

  • Haleem dish
  • Roghni naan
  • Biryani or mutton pulao
  • Zarda (sweet rice) or desert
  • Chicken korma
  • Delicious green tea

These common bridal accessories are very popular and essential for every Pakistani mehndi event. So always make a list earlier to organize the mehndi party.

Groom Mehndi Accessories and Arrangements:

Many groom and bridal mehndi accessories are same such as:

  • Food preparation
  • Mehndi hall arrangement
  • Dance floor
  • Flower decoration
  • Lighting decoration
  • Sound system installation
  • Music collection
  • Family dhoolki time
  • Entrance under colorful dupptta
  • Special mehndi plates
  • Candles
  • Sweets
  • Flowers
  • Sticks to use in dance

Grooms Wear Accessories:

  • Designer mehndi sherwani
  • Hairstyles and beard looks for mehndi
  • Shalwar kameez or kurta pajama
  • Fancy outfit for grooms on mehandi
  • A colorful groom waistcoat
  • Groom khussa or kheri chappal
  • Groom watch
  • Gold ring
  • Perfume or attar

The bride and groom always choose the best dress and mehndi accessories as per their desire and budget. Their families and friends help them to make their selections. Meanwhile, the proper selection, arrangement and management play the main role to increase the charm of the mehndi event and make that night memorable.

3- Baraat Ceremony Arrangements

Baraat day is day when groom and his family go to pick the bride after the mehndi night. In past the event of baraat has organized in the houses but today people are using marriage halls, restaurants or hotels. The baraat or shadi mostly consists of a lavish lunch party but people also organize dinner functions according to the season. The lunch or dinner usually contains several dishes like roasted food, pullaobiryanichaanpchargha, kebabsnaan, grilled food curries and traditional desserts.

Some families choose this day to complete the process of nikah and then after joint prayers of family, friends and other guests everyone congratulates each other. Then groom picks the hand of his bride and they start walking to their decorated car. The mother or sister of bride walks besides the bride while pulling the Quran over the head of the bride. So this is how groom, his family and friends receive happiness, blessings and yes the bride. This is the start of the new life!

Common Baraat Ceremony Arrangements

Few accessories and arrangements are same for both of groom and bride such as:

  • Food arrangements
  • Clothing selection and preparation
  • Transportation arrangement and decoration
  • Jewellery
  • Makeup
  • Stage and hall decoration

Bridal Jewellery & Accessories for Baraat:

Pakistani bridal jewellery

Pakistani brides wear different types of dresses on their baraat but these four types are very famous:

  • Lehnga
  • Angrakha
  • Gharara
  • Shalwar kameez

This is the ultimate and complete Pakistani bridal accessory list:

  • Dupattas & Ghoonghats
  • Bridal Purse
  • Bridal Flowers
  • Bridal Shoes
  • Bridal Anklets
  • Bridal Watch
  • Ring Bracelet or Panjangla
  • Bridal Gana or Bridal Chooda
  • Bridal Kangan & Bengals & Bridal Chura
  • Bridal Rings
  • Bridal Rani Haar
  • Bridal Choker
  • Bridal Jhumkas
  • Nose Ring or Nath
  • Bridal Jhoomar
  • Matha Patti
  • Maang Tikka
  • Hair Jewelry
  • Bridal Mehndi
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Bridal Nail Art
  • Plate & Glass for Doodh Pilai

Groom Accessories for Baraat:

Pakistani Grooms like to wear different types of dresses on their baraat but these are some famous dress types:

Desi Look:

Western Look:

Other Accessories:

  • Wedding band team
  • Flowers har or mala
  • Bid pouches

Bridegroom comes with his family and friends to attend the baraat invitation from the bride’s family. Few families complete the Nikah process during the baraat function. Then after joint prayers groom family spreads the bid pouches to all guests. Then after sometime the groom and his family picks the new bride with them to their house.

Bride & Groom Room Decoration: The groom’s room specially decorates to welcome his bride nicely. Friends of groom arrange all accessories for room decoration but you can get services of professional interior decorators too. Special wedding night arrangements and room decoration accessories are:

  • Beautiful candles
  • Canopy with exotic flowers
  • Flowers carpet
  • Flower chandelier
  • Fruit decoration
  • Romantic bed sheet

4- Walima Ceremony Arrangements

The final day of the wedding is Walima which is held by the couple as they host their first lunch and dinner as husband and wife. People can host this event at home but in these walima is held in a wedding marquee, marriage hall, restaurant or hotel. The family and friends of bride comes as the guest to meet the bride and groom. In tradition of Pakistan bride’s parents or elders invite newly couple to go with them as guest after the walima ceremony.

Pakistani brides wear a heavily designed bridal dress with gold jewelry gifted by the groom’s family. Brides also wear beautifully designed artificial jewellery because it has multiple varieties which can fit with every dress.

Bridal Accessories for Walima:

Groom Accessories for Walima:

Desi Look:

  • Shalwar kameez
  • Waistcoat
  • Khussa or Peshawari chappal

Western Look:

  • 3 piece suit
  • Tuxedo shirt
  • Bow tie
  • Shoes
  • Handkerchief
  • Watch
  • Ring
  • Shirt Cufflinks and Studs
  • Belt

Families of bride and groom communicated with each other to decide all venues and then organize everything as per their budget and schedule. Sometime they divide arrangements of Pakistani wedding accessories in different members of family or friends. In developed cities families like to choose professional event organizers to save their time and efforts. Everyone dreams to borrow the best groom and bridal accessories for their special days.

My name is Ali Idrees and I am a digital marketing manager in a reputed US based organization and a CEO of Jewellery Designs Company. Feel free to contact through this website or by visiting Linkedin profile. I hope this guide will help you to make a good plan for your wedding. Good luck!

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