Kashmiri Earring Designs N2819

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  • Kashmiri Earring Designs N2819
  • Zinc Alloy, Pears and Copper
  • Single Pair
  • New Condition
  • Gold, Silver, Blue, Pink and Multi-color
  • High Quality Polish
  • Reasonable Price
  • OPP Pack (Safe) Packing
  • Good for all Events and Functions

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Women understand the importance of jewelry in a better way and Kashmiri earring designs has a very significant role in it. They are having a craze of jewelry and they do their best to get the best design in the market.

The majority of the women match the jewelry with their outfit to get a stylish look and make their own style statement. To help you out here is one of our finest products.

It is best for party wear and for the functions in your house or any other. Without any further delay, grab these pair to enhance your overall personality. It is made up of zinc alloy, beautiful pears and copper. No allergy issues and comes with a reasonable price tag.

These earrings are available in gold kashmiri earrings, silver earrings, blue gold, pink gold and multi-color kashmiri earring designs. These are five different colors which are in a limited stock so come first to buy first. You can visit more earrings here or visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for latest designs.