Are you looking for the best eid gifts for him? Eids are very special events either we talk about eid ul fitr or eid ul adha. These occassions bring families together and people share their affections with other relatives in family. People do shopping to celebrate and enjoy this occasion. Eid ul Fitr is celebrated after the month of Ramadan and eid ul adha has its own uniqe style in which Muslums scarify their animals like cow, bull, goat and camle in the name of Allah and spread the meat to needy peoples. This is the time to eat and enjoy with your family members. For the celebrations, people also buy new clothes and do shopping. We all know that women are ahead in shopping but men are also not behind. Wifes and fiancees can buy many eid gifts for him as well.

If you are planning to gift anything to your father, brother, husband, or son, then below are things that you can pick according to your own choice. Let’s get started and see gift ideas for him:

1-Traditional Clothing

All men prefer to wear traditional shalwar kameez on this day. They go to offer prayer early in the morning. Different brands of men like Uniworth, Diners, Edenrobe, and many more come up with their stunning shalwar kameez designs especially design for the men. There is a variety of colors that people can pick according to their own choice.

Along with the shalwar kameez, men also wear a waistcoat to get a more decent look. The waistcoat also has a different design and style that you can pick. Mostly collar design and V-neck design are mostly worn by the Men on their shalwar kameez for the Eid.

2-Pent Shirts

Some men also like to wear western clothing. So, for those, a pent shirt is the right option to choose from. There is a wide variety of pent and shirt available on brands as mentioned above. You can pick a formal dress pent or shirt or can go for a casual shirt along with the jeans. The choice is totally yours. You can pick plain shirts, check shirts, or any other according to your own style statement and desire.


Yes, you heard it right! Men also have different accessories. These all add up to complete the look. Some of the accessories that men buy are as follows:

Wallet: This is very much important and everyone carries it. It is more like a necessity as compared to the accessory because men carry a wallet to keep their money, id card, and other important small documents. The genuine leather wallet is mostly liked by men and they get them in brown or black color. There are different brands that also sell wallets designed for men like Uniworth.

Cufflinks: The second important accessory is the cufflinks. Men use them for their kameez and formal shirts. This gives them a very elegant look and it is a must-have to get a decent look especially when wearing formals for a business meeting or weddings.

Watches: For a complete look, the watch is a must. The majority of the men try to wear as this makes men punctual and this provides them a classy look as well. They pick square or circle dial watches that come in different designs to get the work done on time.

Bracelet: Some men like to have a casual or rough look. For this, they wear bracelets as well. It is can be of golf or silver. But most of the men don’t like to wear gold so they prefer to use silver. It is a person’s own choice there is no hard and fast rule. The bracelets are a good type of men jewellery and also available in different styles or you can pick with your name as well.

Ring: Men also do wear rings just like women. There is a huge variety of rings available for men as well. They can pick a ring of gold, silver, and diamond. Some men also like to wear special stones in a ring.


A man’s look is not complete without a good pair of shoes. Men have a wide variety of shoes that can be divided into formal or casual shoes. They can pick mocassino, sneaker, joggers, sandals, and others according to the dress they are going to wear. It is recommended to pick shoes according to the dress for a perfect look. This is a perfect gift idea for your husband or fiance.


The fragrance is also an important part of a person’s personality. Perfumes are liked by both men and women. It is good to use them and there is a wide variety of perfume available especially for men.


For a man, the cash is the best friend indeed. They will definitely love this gift and they can buy anything they want according to their own choice. Or they can save it for anything else. This will be a good gift for both men and women.

7- Laptop or Smartphones

Electronic gadgets like smartphones or laptops are also liked by men. They use them in their offices and even work at home. So, one of these things can be a cool gift to make them happy on this Eid.

Hopefully, now you will be aware of all the things that can be gifted to a man. Now it is totally on the person to pick anything they want according to the personal choice whom they are going to gift anything!