Almost all women love to own and show jewellery. A woman has a very deep relationship with the pieces of jewels she holds, and every piece is very close to her heart. Some jewellery items are very special which can never be replaced and some of them are the part of every jewellery box such items can be used with any outfit on any occasion.

Here are 6 essential jewellery items that every woman should own.

1- Statement Neck Piece

Indian and Pakistani statement neckpieces are an important part of Asian fashion. The necklace design can be traditional, gold plated, silver, Polki, or Kundan. The jewellery designer can also create western-style necklaces.

Statement Neck Piece


Chemically combined (Oxidised) German silver necklaces are also very famous nowadays. Females can use these Pakistani statement neckpieces on every type of outfits like shalwar kameez, sari, or jeans.

Just select the right jewellery design that can make the right bond with your dress. You can easily use these statement necklaces if you use traditional Pakistani or Indian dress. Its other best quality is that you can use statement jewellery without any additional accessory on any type of event.

2- Dangler Earrings

Earrings designs have very special importance in the jewellery in fact these are essential pieces of Jewellery. Almost every woman uses earrings even without necklace set. Some women do not prefer to wear necklaces or bracelets every time, but they like to use earrings.


Dangler Earrings


Earrings are popular with respect to their weight, size, length, and designs but dangle earrings are very beautiful types of earrings. The types and designs of earrings may vary due to different societies and civilizations but almost every woman likes dangler earrings because these are very beautiful and stylish.

3- Cocktail Rings

Rings are also a very famous accessories for woman fashion and cocktail rings are entirely different from other rings. It is manufactured with a large center stone which is usually compassed by small stones.


Cocktail Rings


The cocktail rings are different from engagement rings and their unique and beautiful designs have increased their demand. Girls and women mostly like Cocktails rings because if its dynamic feature.

4- Big, Bold Hoops

Almost every woman needs a black dress just like that hope earring is the need of almost every woman. Do not think that hoops are simple pieces of jewellery but hoops earrings are the classy gift to womankind.

It depends on you that how much bigger and bold hoop you can carry. The bigger you can carry more attractive you look. You can use hoops with your traditional dress but mostly are preferred with western dresses.


Essential pieces of Jewellery


It is a lighter form of jewellery which you should always insert in your jewellery box. Hoops are the oldest jewellery items and these are known as “Baali and Baaliyan” in “Urdu” in Pakistan. Hoop earrings have become more popular as the fashion revolution has captured every advanced individual.

5- Solitaire ring

A solitaire ring is a ring which contains a diamond in it. It is an expensive piece of art than the other jewellery items. It is mostly used for engagements and marriages and its use is a necessary one. It is involved in an essential piece of Jewellery for engagement events.


Solitaire ring


Girls and women can also have them if they can afford it because this is really an awesome collection. People can also use another stone-like sapphire, ruby or emerald but the diamond has its own grace and value. Diamond solitaire engagement rings are the perfect ultimate classic entity to highlight your expensive selection.

6- Set of stackable bracelets

The adjustable feature of stackable bracelets is very trendy now-a-days. You can separate the pieces of stackable bracelets then mix-and-match them according to your dress and event.

You can check the stackable bracelets and other jewellery fashions online. We are consuming a lot of resources on hand-wash, face-wash, and cosmetics, different attractive dresses but still our hands and wrists are on appearing openly about 24/7. So you should use the beautiful stack of simple or combinational bracelets to increase your look.


Essential pieces of Jewellery


You can use thin but shiny combinational bracelets. You can also use chains, bangles, and cuffs, and don’t worry about matching. Feel free to use light and dark combinations you can also use a watch with the stackable bracelets.