Your wedding dress is definitely the star of your show. It should be perfect and there is no mistake when selecting the dress for your special occasion.

Worried about how to accessorize your wedding dress? Below are the eight tips that you need to know to get the work done on time:

1-Simple Is Better

There is no need for a veil, earrings, tiara, bridal necklace, and a sash. Accessories will add a unique touch to your look but in some cases, the too many accessories can make them look worse. When you are going to buy, then you should keep the key features of your gown in your mind. If you have a dress with an ornate neckline, then you need to get a pair of drop earrings instead of a necklace. If your gown has a simple style, then you should try out jewelry with a bold statement.

Note that it is best to avoid designs that will mimic the embellishments on your gown. There is no need to go for a look too matchy-matchy.

2-Do Matching with Metals

You might not realize the importance of metal look but this is essential for you to match the things well. As per a general rule, ivory will look best with the gold because it will highlight the creamy tint of the fabric. If you are going to wear a pure white dress, then you should choose accents in silver or platinum or go with pearl detailing. Note that gold might clash with brighter white hues.

You can pick a diamond-white gown that is barely off-white color will look amazing when combined with rose gold, yellow gold, silver, or pearls. If the dress you are going to choose is filled with beadwork, then let them dictate the colors of your accessories. For instance, if your gown has gold beadwork, you should pick earrings, necklace, or bracelet with a gold base.

3-Understand Your Veils

The veil is one of the iconic bridal accessories. There is a lot of option available, starting from a flirty birdcage to regal cathedral-length styles. But when going for this, you need to keep few things in your mind that you are planning to wear. The first thing will be that you would like to match the veil with the exact shade of your gown. It is important to be mindful when you are going to choose a style if there is a lot going on your dress and you should stick to simple things that will not steal your spotlight. If showing off the back of your dress is important due to the gorgeous embroidery or beading, then you should select a sheer veil in comparison to one with two layers of tulle.

4-Don’t Like Veil- No Problem!

If a veil is not your thing at a wedding, then you can go with hair combs to the fascinator. There are many ways to keep things elegant. It is recommended to pick a hairstyle before you are going to pick your accessories. For instance, a flower crown will look best with a loose lock. Don’t forget that the thing you have picked should be secured well when moving around.

5- Be Comfortable!

There is no doubt that no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. You should select a comfortable pair of bridal shoes for this special occasion. As you have to sit or stand for a long time, so you should select a pair that is comfortable. Don’t go for a big heel because the higher the heel, the higher will be the pain. You should also keep the type of straps and the material in your mind when buying shoes.

6-Jewelry-Think Beyond It!

If you simply want to add a personality to your wedding dress, then you should add a belt or sash. If your dress does not have it, then this does not mean that it will not look great on you.  Furthermore, a fashionable fastener will be an easy way to customize your gown and this will entirely change your look change without any expensive alterations. You can go with a classic satin sash or metallic leather belt for an instant upgrade for your dress.

7- Stick To Things You Know

It is definitely your special day; there is no need to forget your normal style. If you are wearing less jewelry in your normal routine, then there is no need to cover yourself in diamonds on your wedding day. Your goal should be to look great and be the most beautiful version of yourself.

8-Cover Up- Your Choice

If your wedding is in the winter season, then a stylish cover-up is a must. From boleros to capelets and fur stoles you have a wide variety of options to choose. You should keep a perfect balance with your gown to look great. For adding a personality to your overall look, you can pair the understated styles with more embellished cover-ups similar to a beaded capelet that comes with bold sequined, scalloped edges, or a feather bolero.

Hopefully, now you can easily accessorize yourself your wedding dress without any problem!

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