This article can help you to get an idea if you are planning to buy Eid gifts for her. Both Eids the Eid al-Fitr and the Eid ul Adah have great importance for kids, families, married and unmarried couples. The Muslims start their celebration with shopping with full enjoyment. Note that the current situation of COVID-19 has not given much time to the people as compared to the previous years but still they are doing it all over the world. In the current scenario, people prefer to do online shopping as well so that they can celebrate and keep them safe at the same time.

Ladies are more excited about this occasion because they have to do so many things. There is a lot of things going on in term of preparation for ladies. If you are planning to gift your wife, mother, sister, daughter anything on this Eid, then you can pick anything from the below list which has 8 Best ideas for Eid Gifts For Her:

1- Clothes

People are very much selective when it comes to Eid shopping. Everyone wants to look good on Eid so they want to get the best cloth for themselves. Eid dress is very important for ladies and they want to get the best in the market to stand out from others.

Mostly, women like to wear shalwar kameez which is a traditional dress in Pakistani culture. But there are many other options as well that people pick according to their style statement. Many local and international brands like Maria B, Sana Safinaz, Khaadi, Limelight showcase their collection specially designed for the occasion of Eid. There is a huge variety available and people can pick anything they want according to their choice.

2- Jewellery Designs

How can we forget Jewellery on this day? It is an important part of the overall women dressing. Their entire look is not complete without Jewellery. People buy gold, diamond, or even artificial Jewellery that should complement their dress. There is a huge variety of Jewellery available that people can choose according to their own choice. Women like to wear earrings, bangles, necklaces, and much more as per their needs and dresses.

3- Purse/Clutch

Other important things that can be included as Jewellery are the purses and clutches that women carry with them. These are small bags that are made of different types of metal and different glittery materials for giving them a striking look.

4- Shoes

Shoes are also important because no one will plan to walk barefoot while wearing a beautiful dress and Jewellery. Women like to match their shoes with the color of their dress. It should match or complement the dress that is going to work on Eid. Shoes also come in different shapes, styles, and sizes. You can select pumps, high heels, flat heels, and much more as per your choice. There are also some glittery shoes that women can pick according to their own style statement.

5- Makeup Accessories

Makeup is a must-have thing for women. They need it to complete their overall look. There is a huge variety of makeup that women buy on Eid to get the perfect look. They don’t compromise on this at any cost. They might not wear Jewellery or carry a bag but they will apply makeup on their face. You can say that makeup is also like Jewellery for a woman.

Now, let’s have a look at some other things that are included in makeup accessories:

Nail Accessories: Women buy nail polish to give a nice look to their nails. Some women like to keep the long nail and some like to keep short nails. It is totally a personal choice. They pick different shades of nail polish to apply to their nails.

Hair Accessories: Hairstyling is also done to complete the overall look. Women visit hairstylists to get a new hairstyle for Eid or on special occasions. They might go for hair straightening, hair coloring, trimming of hairs, or much more as per their own choice.

6- Watch

If you see a woman wearing a nice dress, a nice hairstyle, good makeup but an empty hand, then what will you think? Yes, you will think that something is missing and it is definitely the watch on the wrist. Watch complete your personality and it also comes in different colors and dial shapes to pick from.

7- Money

There will be hardly a person on this planet who doesn’t like to have cash. Cash is definitely the best gift you can give to someone so that he or she can buy anything according to their own choice if you are confused and don’t know what to buy!

8- Dinner After Long Drive

If you are married or even single, dinner on Eid followed by a long drive will be a cherry on top. You can take your wife out to spend some quality time or can go with your mother and sister to enjoy it.

This was the list of best Eid gifts for her. Now it is your choice what you want to pick for the special lady in your life be it your daughter, wife, mother, or sister.

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