There is a lot of emotions and excitement bundled up to buy perfect engagement ring in all that leads upto a commitment whether Engagement or wedding. Engagement is a formal promise or contract to someone. Exchange of Rings delineate symbolic acceptance ,dedication and commitment. It gives a sense of safety to future relationships .So engagement like marriage is a global phenomenon , but the rituals and preparations around it vary greatly by regions, culture and era.

There is special exhilaration behind every ring. Choosing an ideal and sublime ring adds more story to proposal. So here are some
basic guidelines that would help choosing engagement rings for loved ones.

1- Selection of Jeweller

This is the crucial point as this would guide you through the whole process of grabbing the right ring. Beautiful and variety of rings would make your task easier as you can select according to flavor. You can go to your local jeweller or find any well reputed online jewellery store to check the beautiful ring designs.

2- Budget

Buying an engagement ring can be a stressful experience as you have often heard that you have to spend two or three months of your salary on engagement rings. But to make this task budget friendly I would recommend you first fix your budget according to your financial status. Then you can easily find out a best quality engagement ring within your budget.

3- Size

Size is required when you have a perfect engagement ring for your future partner. You can have her size by secretly choosing any random ring from her jewellery box. Well if this is not possible there is option for readjusting the size of rings. Size of fingers is according to shape.

4- Hand Shape

Some factors must be considered while choosing like length and width of your finger. Ring according to your unique hand and finger characteristics would enhance your personality. Here are some tips for different Types of fingers:

  • Long fingers: Princess-cut and round shapes are especially flattering. You can opt for bold designs but only if it suits.
  • Slender fingers: You can use smaller stones as they will make thin fingers somewhat wider.
  • Small hands: Oval, heart shaped, round or princess-cut will suit.
  • Large hands: For this type of hand you can easily go for bulky, chunky styles.

5- Style

To choose ring according to your partners personality might be a test of how closely you know your partner. You must took your loved individual style into consideration while choosing. For this purpose approach people closet to your fiance to be. You can also guess through her clothing and other accessories to gain insight. For understanding, if her style is sharp, try a platinum beavered ring. If she likes floral designs you can go for ornate halo engagement rings. Other styles to name are classic, modern, nature-inspired,
glamorous, pave diamond halos or combination of these stunning designs.

6- Material

Metal or diamond each have its own attraction and beauty. For diamond you must know 4Cs that are color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

  • Color: Diamonds are available in many colors from D to Z( colorless to light)
  • Cut: A good cut can elevate the sparkle of diamond called its brilliance. A poor cut can make a spectacular diamond look dull despite its good color and clarity.
  • Clarity: Diamonds that are free from impurities or inclusions are rare. Diamond is flawless when there is no inclusion visible to unaided eye.
  • Carat weight: Cost and value of diamonds increases exponentially with increasing carat weight. By adjusting all these factors you can easily make a diamond ring of excellent quality.

In metal you have options of platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, cobalt, tantalum etc.

7- Ring Settings

  • Prong setting/ SOLITAIRE: This is most widely used design across the world. It consisted a center cornerstone held by metal prongs or they can be called as metal pins. Stones like rubies or diamond fixed in center gave the most iconic style for engagement.
  • Halo setting: This is also very popular design for engagement rings. A central stone is embedded and circled by small stones or gemstones. It is an ideal design for sapphires and rubies. This style enhances the brilliance of central diamond or stone. You opt for different colors for contrast according to the dress.
  • Cathedral setting: The central stone is mounted above to give it more peculiar appearance. Its looks stunning.
  • Bezel setting: This is mostly used by professionals . A strip of metal held tightly a row of stones. It has two types which are known as full bezel setting and partial bezel setting.
  • Tension setting and cluster setting are very graceful and elegant designs. Pave setting, flush setting and channel setting are also used. For diamonds waverly diamond ring, petite twisted vine diamond ring ballad diamond ring are the options.

8- Stones and Sapphires

Sapphires are budget friendly as they are less costly than diamonds. Different colors are available yellow, white and pink. Rubies are widely used ring stones.


Sometimes it might be a difficult task to go for a perfect engagement ring but following the simple guidelines you can choose an enchanting surprise for your partner that would surely be a concrete foundation for your future relationship.

Every woman has a dream to look like a princess on her wedding. This needs a lot of effort, emotions, accessories to doll up a girl as a bride. Women and accessories go hand to hand, and if we forget jewelry in accessories there would be an injustice. Without jewelry woman is incomplete. Pakistani Bridal Jewellery Sets adds glam to the bridal aura. Because jewelry enhances the beauty of the bride and every bride has a unique taste of jewelry which makes her look differently gorgeous.

In short, to make herself stunning and eye catching jewelry must be on a notch. It’s a point to notify that jewelry must go with bridal attire. It’s like the process of making a cake where the first layer holds the bridal dress, jewelry with it is like icing on the cake that alleviates the beauty of a bride. In the selection of jewelry one rule is inevitable that “less is more” because jewelry is to enhance your beauty not to overpower you.


Jewellery shouldn’t be a burden for the bride. The simple, lightweight and decent design would multiply the beauty of the bride. Because accessories are supposed to make you glam and catchy. So jewelry must neither be flaunt nor be cache


It’s a normal practice that on the wedding day, the bride is ladened with the heavy dress and encumbered with a lot of pieces of jewelry. It’s a massive malfunctioning of fashion. So try your harder to make the dress and jewelry compatible. if there is light jewelry then dress must be heavier a little bit. This parallelism creates magic that allures the eyes.


Every nation has its own unique style to represent their culture for fashion parties, shows, marriage ceremonies, and for other events. Although world has become a global village due to internet and technology and nations has merged different styles and fashions But still Pakistani wedding jewellery trends have not compromised its value and beautiful look. Please read these points to know more about the women accessories in Pakistan.

  • ​Necklace with double-stranded thickness​: Necklaces are the neck-pieces of jewelry but with double strands, it adds up the luscious glam of beauty bones.

Necklace with double-stranded thickness


  • ​Multilayered necklace or naulakha haar: ​It’s the fashion that never fades away. Every girl wants to wear this naulakha haar on her special day. It multiplies the grace and dignity of the bride.

Multilayered necklace or naulakha haar

  • ​Bridal choker: It also like necklace but it’s a little bit less hefty than a necklace. It normally goes around necklines. It’s also a trendy fashion nowadays.

Bridal choker

  • ​Matha Patti with tikka: ​It is the ravishing fashion trend in jewelry. Its most appealing jewelry piece. When it goes with tikka it allures the beauty of the hairline of the bride.

Matha Patti with tikka

  • Matha Patti with strands: It normally goes well with mehndi events. But if the other pieces of jewelry are cumbersome then matha Patti with strands ensemble your hair beautifully.

Matha Patti with strands

  • Antique jewelry: As having the history of traditional and custom past we the people of the subcontinent love to wear antique. Antique is the word associated with the Mughal empire near us. On her special day bride wishes to look like queen so antique is the best option, to intuitive like a queen. Antique jewelry is the old fashioned trendy jewelry.
  • Earrings: Antique Earrings accomplish the facial look of the bride. They should go according to the attire and style of the neck-piece. Heavy neck-pieces suits with small jhumkis and if choker is used heavy earrings are preferred. Studs with elegant neck-piece go well with each other.

Antique jewelry

  • ​Nose Ring: In the subcontinent, it is vital for the bridal look but in the latest trends its quite optional. With heavy headpiece and neckpiece, tiny nose ring is used. Bridal nathas with Kundan studs, simply chained nathas, multilayered chain nathas add a voguish touch to the bridal ensemble.

Material: ​Diamonds, gold, silver, and Kundan are currently very popular across the globe.

  • Diamond Jewellery: always remain the top priority for brides. Attractive, delicate diamond ornaments appeal the brides. There are increasing trends for diamond jewelry.
  • Kundan Jewelry: Stones heavily embellished in gold gave intricate and elaborate Kundan jewelry designs. This is best to cover the neckline with this traditional and custom design.
  • ​Gold: This is most trendy in almost all regions of the world. White gold, yellow or rose gold choice is yours. Artistic and eye-catching gold ornaments with ideal bridal attire complete bridal look. Studs, pearls, gemstones held distinctively by gold margins fascinate the eyes.

Right choice of the dressing and jewellery for an interview can increase he chances of selection. It requires a perfect interview in order to find a chance of getting a job in a company or an organization. During an interview, your rich history, different experiences, and your skills are measured. But the truth is that it is not the only required thing for a job. There is another thing, that people often ignore, which puts a great impression on your employer, is the personality.

In the modern era, without an attractive personality, a person is considered as dull. Therefore, you must keep an eye on your personality. Now the question that often arises in employee minds is that what the women should wear for a job interview. This article will guide you to resolve the problems by providing you convenient and practical solutions.

About 80% attraction of a woman is in her dressing and jewellery. The dressing can be matched with any circumstance. But the important thing that should be worn perfectly is the jewellery. Let us try to figure out what jewellery to wear for your interview. The first and key point about wearing jewellery is that you should not overdo it.

Make sure that anything you are wearing is not for a wedding function or party, etc. Simplicity is a key to look perfect for an interview. You want to be sure your jewellery will enhance your interview attire rather than overwhelming it. Here are a few suggestions about dressing for an interview

Jewellery and Clothing

As described earlier, jewellery and clothing must not be fancy or filled with diamond, etc. Instead, it should be simple but attractive. Moreover, men should use minimum jewellery as compare to the women. Girls should pass on wearing arms full of bracelets or dangling earrings. Men should wear a wristwatch in hand, a properly fitted dress, and attractive shoes.

What Jewellery Should You Wear to an Interview

For instance, if you have a busy working schedule and you cannot go to the local market so you can visit online stores for latest jewellery designs for an interview. Or if you are willing to buy from another store, make sure that jewellery is not too blinged-out. Moreover, when it comes to piercings, it all depends on where you are going for an interview. It will be better to keep small designs that look attractive and engaging.

Presenting Yourself in a Good Way

After the perfect jewellery and clothing have been chosen, the next step is to present it on you in a professional way. This step is considered as very crucial for the first impression. As it is often said that first impression is your last so you must give a positive impact of yourself during the interview. Some basics of presenting yourself in a good way are listed below:

  • For Men, wear a suit with a tie and choose a nice shirt.
  • For Women: wear a professional suite or classical cultural dress

What Things are Acceptable for a Job Interview

It is a frequently asked question that what clothing and jewellery are acceptable for an interview. Basically, the goal is to make sure that jewellery does not take attention away from your face. Therefore, it is forbidden to wear any light weight jewellery which is bright, shiny, fancy, and flashy. Now, what you can wear is mentioned below:

  • A Small Band or a Wedding Ring
  • A Tiny Attractive Necklace.
  • A Small Metal Pendant, Pearls or a Reserved Color. Make sure it is Non-religious.
  • An Attractive and Professional wristwatch in your left wrist.
  • Earrings of different kinds and designs. Like Dangle earrings, studs, or small hoops.

What Things are Acceptable for a Job Interview

What shouldn’t be worn for a Job Interview?

The above list was about what you can wear for a job interview. Now, read fashion mistakes and what you cannot wear for a job interview includes more than one bracelet, big necklaces with equally big pendant, A piece of Jewellery which is large in size & contains bright stones, and Diamond Filled Bracelets or Earrings. You must avoid all these jewelries because these can take down attention from your face, which is not a good thing for a job interview.

You only get one first impression. So make it perfect by wearing perfect clothing and silver gold or artificial jewellery as it will prove to a key for a successful job interview.

Why it is important to know about the best online jewellery seller? Well, if you’re a part of the e-commerce business, running a jewellery business or an influencer of the antique jewellery community, then you already are aware of the fact that online product buyers think twice before buying any product online. The same is the case with girls jewellery design buyers, they should be aware of the fraud online and buy only from reliable jewellery providers.

Trends come and go, style evolves. It’s important to have pieces of jewellery so do not worry because we are going to tell you 7 ways to protect yourself and your money. Though, there is no way to find out 100% assurance in buying quality products until you buy online. These 7 ways will reduce the chances of being a victim of those online frauds.

1- Look At A Seller’s Online Presence

Pakistani jewellery design is in variety. But we have seen common sellers stealing the pictures of girl’s jewellery and post it in fake listings. If there are so many designs then why there is a need for stealing others’ ideas? The answer can be given better by them. The real jewellers only use and promote their original content to get full user trust. It is a clear indication of up to no good in showing the real jewellery designs, quality and price they have. Therefore, take some extra time to look at other items of seller online-including their social media presence profiles and check out if they are consistent and trustworthy. The best way to do so is by looking at good reviews.

2- Don’t Fall Or Flash

Never be fooled by the huge Instagram following, especially if someone can’t prove they have extensive knowledge of a product or antique jewellery they are selling. Take a quick look at the seller’s offerings and promotions to see if it is worth buy at that online jewellery store. Plus, relate the facts with the listings and keep an eye out for anomalies

7 Ways To Select The Best Online Jewellery Seller in 2020 JD-instagram JD-instagram

3- Educate Yourself For Pakistani Gold Jewellery Designs

Look at some of the experienced sources for any kind of Kundan jewellery designs, artificial earring designs, etc. If you have a love for jewellery and you are a Pakistan resident then — is the best place to buy jewellery at most reasonable prices. We have a wide variety of Kundan jewellery, Pakistani gold & artificial bangles, beautiful necklace sets and much more. We are also offering our products to overseas citizens of Pakistan including other nations. So anyone can buy our beautiful artificial jewellery.

4- Carefully look at the Image Of Jewellery Design

Whenever you are considering buying jewellery, never do a mistake of buying a piece of jewellery without analyzing it from every different angle. Look at the smooth designs and different parts of sets bangles, and earrings. The jewellery design should be explained so well that you can see every ding, nick, inconsistency in it.

You can also inquire from them some more photos from different angles and if they fail to provide so then don’t buy from them. We do not use photo-shopped pictures which can attract you but do not give you a real look. We are providing original pictures only so that you can see the real product.

5- Listen To Word Of Mouth If You Are Social

The woman mostly goes on word of mouth because they have chatty, tight-knit high social gatherings. If you are in a social group, you might have heard different experiences of different online jewellery buyer friends. Hence, you have multiple sources to really investigate before making a purchase.

Moreover, you can also opt for a second opinion from professionals who are already in this job. They’ll help you verify the materials and value of a jewellery piece. The more you learn about quality jewellery, the better your instincts will be.

6- Establish Good Relationships

When you shop for jewellery, your strategy should different because a small-time online seller may be able to give you a better price on one piece. He or she can listen and support you more than the other brands.

7- Be Confident & Buy From Us

After reading all these helpful tips, don’t let the fear of buying bridal jewellery set online. Every industry has its deceitful people- however; there are even more truly wonderful online resources to help you fight the tide of dishonesty.  If you are true lovers of antique, gold or Kundan jewellery designs, then you must find some new and latest designs of it.

Here you can find some quality jewellery designs and buy the perfect one for you. We assure you that as an online jewellery seller our services and designs will impress you.

Antique Earrings Sets Online

There is no doubt that women are crazy about antique Pakistani earrings jewelry. They are always searching for the best designs in the market to set themselves apart from others. They are continuously visiting the online store or visit the shop when any function is around the corner. The majority of the women try to get an elegant piece of jewelry that can look good with their outfit. For this, you can pick these earrings to get a perfect look at an event that really matters for you. The earrings are made up of zinc alloy and copper. You don’t have to worry about allergic reactions and they are not expensive as well.

6 Pink Head Tikka and Vintage Earrings

As you can see the fabulous style, the attractive color combination has increased the beauty of these pink maang tikka and vintage earrings. There are 6 sets of matha Patti with earrings are available in online Pakistani jewelry wholesale store. and you can place an order of a minimum of 6 sets. These are the key features of these products:

  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Copper
  • High-Quality Polish
  • Reasonable Price
  • OPP Pack (Safe) Packing
  • Minimum Purchase Limit: 6 Sets (3 Piece)
  • Good for all Events and Functions


Antique Pakistani Earrings Jewelry

Antique Pakistani Earrings Jewelry

Earrings Tikka Sets

Antique Pakistani Earrings Jewelry

Earrings Tikka Sets

Antique Pakistani Earrings Jewelry

6 Gold Head Tikka and Vintage Earrings

Antique Earrings, bangles, necklaces, and other things are important components of jewelry. Women use all of these items to look good on various party occasion. It is a fact that craze for the jewelry is not going to end and women are always looking for something new to wear and look stylish. These gold and antique Pakistani earrings jewelry sets have a lot of unique qualities such as beautiful design, color guarantee, allergy-free, easy to use on all events.

These are the key features of these products:

  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Copper
  • High-Quality Polish
  • Reasonable Price
  • OPP Pack (Safe) Packing
  • Minimum Purchase Limit: 6 Sets (3 Piece)
  • Good for all Events and Functions

JewelleryDesigns are the best wholesale jeweler in Pakistan. We are providing antique and vintage artificial jewelry to local and international clients of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Iran, and other countries.


Jewelry set


Antique Pakistani Earrings Jewelry

Antique Pakistani Earrings Jewelry

Pakistani Earrings

Jewelry set

Pakistani bridal jewellery sets are the essential parts of bridal accessories and wedding functions are incomplete without these traditional sets. Pakistani jewelry designs are very special in their own unique style that is why we cannot ignore their concern in wedding ceremonies. Mostly the families in Pakistan are using diamond, silver, and gold bridal jewelry sets but Pakistani jewellery designers are also creating artificial jewellery as per the need and demand of population and also because it has a very low cast.

It is very famous among young women who like to wear it on almost all kind of events. Pakistani bridal jewellery sets and other accessories have exciting and charming designs that have very solid connectivity with our culture and traditional representations.

Girls who can able to pay for costly decorations prioritize gems on top of their matha pati, earring designs, jhumar, necklace, rings, studs, anklet, and all other bridal jewellery sets. A Lady can wear simple jewellery design in her normal life either she is a housewife, studying in university or works in an office even an expensive simple diamond rings is wearable in a daily routine. But when we talk about the wedding sets so then the use of gemstones for Pakistani jewelry wholesale collection is very necessary.

Latest Bridal Jewelry Sets for Wedding 2020

Pakistani jewellery online market has gorgeous and latest bridal accessories for weddings. You can find a suitable online jewellery store for expensive and affordable jewellery. Pakistani artificial jewellery wholesalers have invested billion dollars in their warehouses and online stores. You can buy kundan designs, pears styles, expensive stone and other antique and modern designs as per your budget and need.

A bride is incomplete without stunning jewelry sets and other bridal accessories. Every bride has a dream to choose everything best for her special day. Her dress, makeup, hairstyle, footwear, and most of all the bridal jewellery sets make her more beautiful and prepare her to grab the intensions of the audience in the marriage party.

Check out some latest Pakistani Bridal Jewelry Sets 2020 collection offered by Shahanshah Jewellers. These have a price range from 5000 to 12000 PKR.





artificial bridal jewellery sets

artificial jewellery

pakistani jewellery


jewellery designs

pakistani jewellery designs

bridal jewellery

Fashion is changing day by day and you should know about fashion necklaces for women. Ladies having a very close relationship with fashion and creativity. Every single lady tries to have his own style statement to set herself apart from others. To complete the overall look, jewelry is very important. The necklaces are mostly known as chains that come in different forms such as feather necklaces. Women also love to wear jewelry designs like a necklace made with wood, coral, and diamond.

Necklace Fascination

The literature fans will be aware of the guy who was the king of the jungle eschewed the clothes but wear a superb diamond locket that was fascinating for Jane. Yes, you heard it is right! We are definitely talking about Tarzan. This might be a literary fiction but after this, our minds and lives are not shaped by the intellectuality of the books.

The chain necklaces and other types can be worn by a supermodel and an overworked orphan. The charm of the necklace can never be subsidized by the socio-economic status because the statement displayed through it is universal.


Things You Need to Know About Fashion Necklace for Women

Statement Necklaces for Women

If you are going to manifest the timeless characteristics of the necklaces, then vintage feather necklace will be the right choice because these kinds of necklaces are famous for a long time:

Latest Trends

You might have heard a lot about Prime Minister Theresa May’s statement of fashion necklace for women. Some may find it satirical. It is important to note that the Vivienne Westwood suits had will be having some lasting impression on the on-looker’s minds. The overall fashion sense is holistic. The kitten heels, patent boots that reach the knee or the leopard prints all the things represent the sense of glamour and power. For adding prominence to her soft neckline, she wears a necklace and this adds a hint of color to a plain suit.

On the Brexit battle, she was wearing Amanda Wakeley silver chain necklaces that were colored baubles, and big pearls. Well, this might not be her weapon but this was giving the sense of prominence.

The fashion shows and runways witness a heavy influx of various styles of necklaces. Following are some tips for selecting the right dress and necklaces:

Go for Long Chain with Turtleneck

Actress and Singer like Mary J Blige came to Cannes red carpet with a combo turtleneck fashion necklace for women that will define the idea of the turtleneck is all about sweaters only. Without any doubt, she just nailed it!

Bit Edgy Will Be Right

The lock-and-chain necklaces were seen in the Tommy Hilfiger shows that he proved that these chains and necklaces are the great accessories.

Wear According to Occasion

Other than the style and trend, you need to consider the significance of the occasion. Going to attend a meeting? If yes, then you need to keep the necklaces a bit subtle. If you are going to choose something flashy, then this will not look professional as you will be showcasing a glamorous look in a meeting.

bridal jewellery

If you are going to a marriage ceremony, then you should experiment with various style necklaces. You need to be a little cautious. Things will become too subtle. You need to have a balance in your fashion. A feather necklace is a lightweight necklace design that will definitely do the trick.

For a Perfect Look

You should always look for the latest trends and styles. You can take help from Instagram and Pinterest feeds. You need to look at fashion magazines to get knowledge about the latest trends in the market.

You also have to look at your cultural setting because some specific cultures are having different symbolism. Keeping all this in mind, the selection of necklaces and jewelry designs should be done wisely. Note that if you are looking to get the best designs in Pakistan, then you can get Pakistani jewelry designs to make your own style statement. You will get a wide range of variety according to your own style statement and choice.

You have to look at the celebrity’s style statement to get knowledge about the ongoing latest trends. Apparently, you can go beyond the traditional ideas of fashion and you can adapt to the new trends. Remember that the lopsided fashion sense will not be desirable. You can find a perfect necklace to make your own style statements that will be considered timeless.

We are providing latest jewelry products to all of our clients and known as the famous wholesale jeweler in Pakistan. Feel free to explore our online jewelry store for trendy fashion and styles.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are recently on a royal tour of Pakistan. On the visit, we have seen that the princess Kate Middleton has embraced Pakistani fashion in a very nice way and she is looking stunning in every outfit. On the second day of the tour to Pakistan, Kate Middleton and Prince William meet the country’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan. On this occasion, the Duchess of Cambridge saluted local fashion without staying far from her signature style.

Middleton selected an eye-catching emerald coat-dress designed by Catherine Walker. She has been wearing this label on the first day of her tour. The other things she wore were by the Pakistani jewellery and other labels and they balanced out the rest of her look. The things included are cream trousers from Maheen Khan, earrings from the online store Zeen, and a printed scarf from Bonanza Satrangi brand. In addition to this, her matching suede bag and pointed pumps as part of the perfect look.

Kate Middleton Fashion Statement

Kate Middleton Wearing Earrings from Zeen

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton on her royal tour visited an event hosted by Prince Karim Aga Khan at the Aga Khan Centre in London on Tuesday. On the event, she wore a deep green dress with the matching of ceramic drop Pakistani earrings and brand accessories.

According to Rabia, spoke person of brand Zeen said that “We are truly honored and incredibly humbled to know that the Duchess of Cambridge selected Zeen earrings for the stylish look at the event before her visit to Pakistan,” She further said that, “It was a joy to see this being appreciated by the Duchess’ choice.” Moreover, she said that “Our focus has been on providing high-quality products that offer true value to our customers and it is a moment of joy to see it being appreciated by the Duchess’ choice of our accessories.”

Kate earrings


Note that this is not the first time the Duchess has selected an affordable, international label like Pakistani earrings that are having a price tag of just $8. For your information, Middleton shops on the high-street and those products sell out within minutes. This has been called the Kate effect. Pakistan online jewellery stores have the beautiful artificial Pakistani earrings collection which everyone should apply as Kate did.

Kate Middleton Chic Style Statement on Visit to Chitral

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on their royal tour of Pakistan. On Wednesday, they started their day with a visit to a beautiful Hindu Kush mountain range that is a few miles from the Afghan border. The couple visited the Chitral district of Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province. This place was visited by William’s late mother Princess Diana traveled to in 1991 during her solo tour of the country.

kate earrings chitral



Duchess Kate was looking stunning just like ever. She was wearing a midi brown skirt, a brown jacket, her Really Wild waistcoat with a pair of trusty boots. The royal couple walks around the tip of a glacier to witness the effects of climate change on natural phenomena and also shine a light on the consequences of global warming.

There is no doubt that for her beauty look, Kate Middleton keeps things natural, and her eyes were having some brown eye-shadow and a thick coat of mascara. She added a usual sweep of blush to her cheekbones and selected pink hue for her lips. The royal wore her brunette in a half-up, half-down style.

In addition to this, on Monday, Kate visited a school within central Islamabad. She was wearing a periwinkle kurta with a loose collarless shirt in many regions of South Asia. IT was having a hand-embroidered detailing with matching trousers along with a scarf. All the things were created by local designer Maheen Khan. The Duchess’ suede low-block shoes by New Look are having a price tag of just £23.99.


kate william school store

Kate has collected so much love and respect from local and overseas Pakistanis by wearing Pakistani earrings, local Shalwar Kameez, and also by representing an interest in Pakistani culture like Prince William’s late mother Diana had done. This was a brief about the style statement that Kate Middleton that she displayed during the royal tour of Pakistan. She is looking amazing at all the location and here style statement is truly amazing and it is liked many all over the world. Few more memories of the royal couple are below here:

Kate Middleton in blue shalwar kameez

Kate Middleton and Prince William in hospital

Kate Middleton and Prince on William event

Kate Middleton and Prince William in Lahore stadium

Kate Middleton and Prince William in mosque



The bridal jewellery sets have a very significant role in enhancing the beauty of a bride with other parts of bridal accessories such as dress, hair, and makeup etc. Men know the passion of women for jewellery designs and especially the brides cannot compromise on anything on the day of their wedding ceremony. So we are providing valuable information of beautiful wedding jewellery.

There are various parts that are critical for the perfect arrangement of beautiful bridal jewelry.

Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is at the top of the list. Diamond and gold rings are very popular to serve in the engagement parties for both men and women. People can choose a reasonable diamond and ring design but golden ring designs with beautiful stones are also another way to accommodate the engagement ceremony.

Inattentive of a bride’s individual liking in any number of other rings, the engagement ring is the luminary of the bridal jewelry outfit. You can find expensive and cheap quality artificial engagement ring styles online.

Earrings Designs

Earrings are eye-catching and presenter pieces.  The style and personality of a bride can shine through here. Multiple earring designs are available in the Pakistani jewellery design market, some types are:

  • Pearl stud earrings
  • Simple and classic emerald cut earrings
  • Dangling earrings
  • Chandelier-style earrings
  • Sparkling earrings

There are many choices that you can use. You can use different available colors to match with your dress and also as per the situation. Brides of west use white dress mostly so white stones jewellery or pearl jewellery is very famous there but in south Asian countries like India and Pakistan the brides use different colors like red, maroon, and green etc for their dresses so jewellery and another accessory can also vary as per the requirement. 22k gold earrings designs with prices are available in the local and online markets.

Necklace Designs

Necklaces and bracelets are also very important for every girl especially as the bridal jewellery sets. Check out the latest gold necklace set designs with price and update yourself. The brides are crazy about the necklace designs. They love to wear heavily filled and stylish collection. Large necklace, choker style, kundan jewellery and long chain styles are very popular to use in weddings.

Bracelets and Bangles Design

Bracelets are also very popular and even wedding is incomplete without wearing the beautiful bracelets or bangles. You can check the gold bracelet design with price here. bridal bracelet are different from normal bracelets . Delicate chain styles, tennis bracelets, cuffs or bangles are the types of the bracelets. This is just one another fortune for the bride to glow in her very own way.

Marriage is a big day for any girl so she tries to choose best options to reflect her beauty. No doubt everything is important but the bridal jewellery sets can transform a complete look into a beautiful angle and make that day a memorable for whole life.

Almost all women love to own and show jewellery. A woman has a very deep relationship with the pieces of jewels she holds, and every piece is very close to her heart. Some jewellery items are very special which can never be replaced and some of them are the part of every jewellery box such items can be used with any outfit on any occasion.

Here are 6 essential jewellery items that every woman should own.

1- Statement Neck Piece

Indian and Pakistani statement neckpieces are an important part of Asian fashion. The necklace design can be traditional, gold plated, silver, Polki, or Kundan. The jewellery designer can also create western-style necklaces.

Statement Neck Piece


Chemically combined (Oxidised) German silver necklaces are also very famous nowadays. Females can use these Pakistani statement neckpieces on every type of outfits like shalwar kameez, sari, or jeans.

Just select the right jewellery design that can make the right bond with your dress. You can easily use these statement necklaces if you use traditional Pakistani or Indian dress. Its other best quality is that you can use statement jewellery without any additional accessory on any type of event.

2- Dangler Earrings

Earrings designs have very special importance in the jewellery in fact these are essential pieces of Jewellery. Almost every woman uses earrings even without necklace set. Some women do not prefer to wear necklaces or bracelets every time, but they like to use earrings.


Dangler Earrings


Earrings are popular with respect to their weight, size, length, and designs but dangle earrings are very beautiful types of earrings. The types and designs of earrings may vary due to different societies and civilizations but almost every woman likes dangler earrings because these are very beautiful and stylish.

3- Cocktail Rings

Rings are also a very famous accessories for woman fashion and cocktail rings are entirely different from other rings. It is manufactured with a large center stone which is usually compassed by small stones.


Cocktail Rings


The cocktail rings are different from engagement rings and their unique and beautiful designs have increased their demand. Girls and women mostly like Cocktails rings because if its dynamic feature.

4- Big, Bold Hoops

Almost every woman needs a black dress just like that hope earring is the need of almost every woman. Do not think that hoops are simple pieces of jewellery but hoops earrings are the classy gift to womankind.

It depends on you that how much bigger and bold hoop you can carry. The bigger you can carry more attractive you look. You can use hoops with your traditional dress but mostly are preferred with western dresses.


Essential pieces of Jewellery


It is a lighter form of jewellery which you should always insert in your jewellery box. Hoops are the oldest jewellery items and these are known as “Baali and Baaliyan” in “Urdu” in Pakistan. Hoop earrings have become more popular as the fashion revolution has captured every advanced individual.

5- Solitaire ring

A solitaire ring is a ring which contains a diamond in it. It is an expensive piece of art than the other jewellery items. It is mostly used for engagements and marriages and its use is a necessary one. It is involved in an essential piece of Jewellery for engagement events.


Solitaire ring


Girls and women can also have them if they can afford it because this is really an awesome collection. People can also use another stone-like sapphire, ruby or emerald but the diamond has its own grace and value. Diamond solitaire engagement rings are the perfect ultimate classic entity to highlight your expensive selection.

6- Set of stackable bracelets

The adjustable feature of stackable bracelets is very trendy now-a-days. You can separate the pieces of stackable bracelets then mix-and-match them according to your dress and event.

You can check the stackable bracelets and other jewellery fashions online. We are consuming a lot of resources on hand-wash, face-wash, and cosmetics, different attractive dresses but still our hands and wrists are on appearing openly about 24/7. So you should use the beautiful stack of simple or combinational bracelets to increase your look.


Essential pieces of Jewellery


You can use thin but shiny combinational bracelets. You can also use chains, bangles, and cuffs, and don’t worry about matching. Feel free to use light and dark combinations you can also use a watch with the stackable bracelets.